FREE!   Tuesday Evenings Sovereign Tantric Energy  Practice ONLINE

FREE! Tuesday Evenings Sovereign Tantric Energy Practice ONLINE

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FREE: Every Tuesday Tantric Sovereign Energy Orgasm Practice

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Energy orgasm is a mysterious sexual and energetic phenomenon that is gaining more and more fame and acclaim these days of isolation ,home offcies and the opportunity to go within oneself for wisdom.

Many people believe it to be fictional and imaginary or perhaps simply reserved for the sexual elite. Not so.

Journeys to Bliss is here to bust that myth.

Every Tuesday Sovereign Orgasm Practice ONLINE WORLDWIDE with Intrnational companions.

Why every Tuesday?

This is a core practice for a Tantric Life.

With its mastery, you are poised for a journey that will intrigue, enchant and expand your life in ways you can't imagine. Repetition/consistency in its Practice, will make P_________?

Your life will never be the same.

"Judith Anne is highly trained in the Tantric arts and knows how to take people to the depths of themselves authentically and safely. She never pushed beyond my boundaries, and I felt safe and exhilarated under her skillful guidance." D, K

'I've been meaning to come to these Tuesday night events in person for months, just couldn't drag myself out of the house! I'm finally able to share in them easily since they're online."

J. M. Boulder

Join us! for guidance, support and strength, and most important, community - honoring your commitment to the tantric mastery of your creative & sexual energy now.

Don't I need a partner?"

No, Trust me on this.

Try it on your own:

Generally, the more time you put into building up the energy, the more powerful the sensations. You can feel high, euphoric.

Lay down on a firm surface, i.e. hard bed, carpet, sandy beach, grass. Bend your knees up. (also try it standing or sitting.)

Take a few relaxing breaths. Empty your mind. Let go of tension. Settle in.

Begin to take deeper breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth like you are blowing out birthday candles. Make them completely “circular”.

Rock your pelvis, arching your lower back on the inhale, flattening on the exhale. Squeeze the pubococcygeus muscles (the muscles you squeeze to stop the flow of urine) on the exhale. These squeezes can actually stimulate your entire genitalia and pelvic bowl while pumping up energy throughout your entire body. In other words, inhale while filling your belly like a balloon, exhale and flatten your back while contracting the PC muscles. Repeat continuously. Your knees may open & close like butterfly wings. Let yourself be erotic.

Energy follows thought; use your mind to pull in energy from the earth/atmosphere into the perineum, the area between your anus and your genitals

• Build fire in the sex center (1st and 2nd chakras). • Circulate the energy back and forth. When this area is well “lit,” go up to the belly area and start circulating from your genitals to your belly, genitals your to belly (2nd and 3rd chakras)… circulate until the fire is burning stronger. Go to the next level—the heart. Circulate from belly to heart, belly to heart (3rd and 4th chakras).

Click below for an intro to your chakras

Illuminated Chakras:

. Now try the throat. Circulate from the heart to the throat, heart to the throat (4th and 5th chakras). When the energy moves up, you may automatically make some sounds. Keep circulating between the heart and throat, until you feel the energy move up to the Third Eye.

. Circulate the energy from throat to Third Eye, throat to Third Eye (5th and 6th chakras).

. Circulate from the Third Eye to the top of your head (7th chakra). At a certain point, it may feel like the energy is shooting out the top of your head, like water out of a hose. Soon, you will kick into a full-body orgasm. Go with it.

Be patient. Some get it on their 1st try, for some, it takes longer.

Joining us? Prepare by having a comfortable flat surface, yoga mat, bed, or rug handy, a blindfold, lots of water and wear comfortable clothing your feel good in. Wordless background music is recommended .

PLEASE calculate YOUR Time Zone carefully. We don't want to miss you!

ZOOM LINK will be sent directly to you upon receipt of your payment


Judith Anne

Judith Anne Condon

Awaken your Sexuality & Deepen your Mind - Body - Soul Connection

Intimate Relationship & Tantra Coaching for Individuals & Couples

Worldwide Online & In-Person on the Riviera Maya in Mexico

Message me via or

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