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This workshop will help you understand what drives you in life and how to make wise balanced decisions.

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Self-Confidence is the difference between people who achieve their dreams and those who dream the whole time but remain stuck in life; together we will find:

  • You will understand our main emotional concerns and understand the trap of wanting to feel good..

  • You will discover how our Core Values work, how the affect each other and how together they give meaning to our lives.

  • You will learn a tool that will assist you making decisions and improving the quality of your life.

“How to make your decisions in life”

1 - The labyrinth of safety

I will tell you a truth that not many have the courage to admit, “you are afraid”; we are all afraid, we are afraid of rejection, of failure, we are all afraid of judgment and of being left alone. Fear is part of life and a full meaningful life is not about getting rid of fear but rather learning how to manage it and balance all our emotions.

People live trapped in a labyrinth of fear, and when we humans allow fear to take control of our lives we are capable of doing anything just to keep whatever sense of safety and validation we find. We do whatever it takes to feel accepted, even lying or deceiving our own selves. We wear masks of strength, knowledge and we pretend to be happy, but how long can this façade last…

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2 - Just wanting to feel good

Long time ago I was trapped in my own labyrinth; I saw myself as a failure, my personal relationships were awful, especially the one with my parents and my sister. I had abandoned my studies and my swimming career. Without any direction in life, I just wanted to feel good, I met a few other people dealing with their own issues, similar situations at some point so we identified and I felt connected. When there is a lack of meaning and purpose, any sort of validation and acceptance are good enough for one to feel safe, to feel good. However, wanting acceptance from other people comes with a high price. We humans were created for a grater purpose and that can´t be replaced with superficial acceptance, there is a stronger need to fulfill something in our lives, my “friends” attempted to fill up that empty space with drugs and alcohol and I followed them, because I was too afraid of being rejected, I was afraid of being judged, I wanted to be safe and just wanted to feel good.

3 - What really matters

If you want to change your life I strongly suggest you to read this carefully and make sure you keep it deep in your heart:

“You are beautiful, you and every single person in this world are amazing. Your mind is capable of getting anything you want, your mind is always ready to create a wonderful and meaningful life”

The answer you are so hard trying to find is in your values; your values are your deepest and most profound desires, your values are your foundations, they represent how you want to treat yourself and how you want to treat others as you go through life. Your values represent the kind of person you want to become, the kind of world you want to create and how you want to be remembered. Your values are what really matters in your life!

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4 - Your compass in life

When we discover our values, they work like a compass, they define our direction, we know that every choice and every single decision we make has a purpose, our values remind us of who we are and what is it that we are really passionate about. Values are not defined by what you are supposed to do, what is right or what is wrong but they are rather defined by our true desire and together, they give meaning to our lives.

5 - Discovering your Core Values

I constantly talk to people who think they know their values, however values, just like our beliefs are found in our subconscious mind. Being humble enough to accept that we don´t know what we don´t know will open the doors for us to learn and better understand how our minds work.

Allow yourself to focus and read carefully but most importantly, reflect upon your answers to the following questions; if you are willing to open up your heart and being honest to yourself, your answers will point out some of your core values, same that could help you change the way you live your life:

a) Remember a time when you connected with someone, a time when you spoke so freely and honestly that you lost track of time. What made that moment so especial, what was so meaningful about that time?

b) Think of a memory where you felt so proud about yourself, a memory where you saw yourself on top of the world, when you felt your heart was beating so fast that it reminded you how wonderful it is to be alive. What was so good about that moment, what made it so important for you, what made you feel that way?

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c) Now focus your mind in a few people you feel so inspired by, people you consider really important in your life. What attributes do you find in each person, what behaviors do you see that make you feel so inspired?

d) Finally, think about the world, what do you see that makes you sad, what breaks your heart and touches you so deeply that you would do anything to change it now, what do you stand for that is meaningful for your life?

Reflect upon your answers carefully, say those words aloud and if your body reacts, if you feel and think you resonate, those words could represent your values and those words could change your life!

Cesar Valdes

Self-Confidence Coach

About the Organizers,

Cesar Valdes:

My name is Cesar, an honest man of passion, efforts, confidence and motivation. I am an Academy for Modern Applied Psychology Life Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner. I constantly work to specialize myself as a Confidence Coach, I love helping people discover that we are all capable of learning whatever we want in life and become secure and confident in whom we are and what we do!

I have a background in the travel industry, working in shore excursions management and other activities onboard cruise ships since 1999; this insightful experience connecting with people from all around the world and different cultures helped me understand how we are all so similar and so unique at the same time. I began my coaching profession by deciding to go through a personal process of growth and change attending psychotherapy sessions in 2014, later on I decided to study counselling in March 2020 and fully immersed myself into Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming in August 2020. My life is a constant process of learning, self-development and passion to share what I have learned and applied to my own life.

I am part of a wonderful iternational organization where coaches from all around the world put efforts together to help people chage their lifes and create a meaningful one. I have delivered over 49 workshops and participated in more than 97 more with topics such as self.confidence, acceptance. awareness and Neuro Linguistic Programming practices.

I am also a certified Life Coach , NLP Practitioner and professional member of the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology where I currently study NLP and CBT. I constantly deliver workshops for members of the academy and I am member of the Support Team with the purpose of guiding new practitioners and assist them in their journeys.

I also have a history of overcoming family and social violence; this history has become the foundation in which I am building my life and provides me with the understanding, empathy and compassion to help people who want to grow and struggle with a similar past.

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Stanley Xavier:

Hey, I hope you are having an awesome day.

I am Stanley, a human & a student of life who enjoys doing a wide range of things. I am a mindset coach and member of Achology, a community of amazing coaches from around the world where we learn and sharpen ourselves together. My background is in the life sciences and so I am a Bio scientist & junior doctor with interests in teaching and philosophy. Over the years, I have worked in numerous industries and lived in different countries helping me amass a huge wealth of priceless experiences.

I believe our heads have to be in the right place to navigate and thrive in our ever-changing world. I have seen how things change so quickly that they rocked my internal system and destabilise my peace of mind leaving me at the mercy of external events. I ended up on a chase for that inner peace through various unhelpful means until I realised, it was all within me; and that was when I had to return to myself. The uneasiness I felt is something I observe in a lot of us today which is why I am passionate about helping people navigate their troubled waters back to calm. When we alienate ourselves from ourselves, that separation brings with it pain.

My mission is to help you pursue a better personal and professional life by guiding you to commit to action through rewiring your mind. I am drawn to doing this line of work, as I believe in the concept of sympatheia, what is good for the bee, is good for the hive and vice versa.

Looking forward to connecting

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Hiyo, Fellow Human!

I am Lorelei. A vibrant spark of life- time, energy, awareness, desire, effort and meaning wrapped up in an amazing human body. I honor this life. Sometimes it has gotten "unnaturally wild" outside of me to the point where the spark inside diminishes and I withdraw. I have learned the hard way that I want to live a life of vitality, dignity and responsibility.

I have done a lot of observing, self- examination, researching, tracking myself and coaching to uncover underlying patterns that were not serving me. In my hunger to optimize my own human experience, I have curated an understanding of what it means to have a quality of life- one that I want; not one that is demanded of me or imposed upon me. I have collected some powerful tools from various institutions and mentors along the way to help with grief, relationships, somatics and the mind.

I am an expert of me who wants to live a fulfilled, quality life. I can help you be an expert of you so you can live the life you want.

You can connect with me here:

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Salam! Hello! Bonjour!If I ask you how many hero's journeys have you taken, what would your answer be? One journey? Two?....How many?I bet, it is more than what you may count.Taking the hero's journey is about receiving and accepting the call to adventure and accepting to take the path from the known world to the unknown. It is about undergoing new experiences and learning how to overcome thresholds and challenges. Returning back to the known world involves insights and clarity. My name is Kenza. I am an Engineer and Ph.D., scientist, and self-awareness and resilience coach. I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, auntie, friend, and citizen. My life is all about taking different hero’s journeys. It is about learning and growing. My journeys taught me that self-awareness is the first step towards self and social management, it is the key to grow and thrive.

My passion is to help people build self-awareness and resilience to undertake their hero’s journeys, be their own heroes, grow, and flourish.

Thank you for your time reading my introduction, Chukran, Merci!

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Why is this workshop free?

This is a group of professional coaches who are committed to build a community where people are able to learn skills and concepts that will change their lives, therefore create a better world for all of us.

We understand there are millions of people around the world who do not have access to this information due to high cost barriers; the purpose of our workshops is not to make money but to build a community of support, empathy, acceptance and understanding so we can help each other improve the quality of our lives!

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The Self-Confidence Lounge is a community that offers a safe space to discuss our life struggles and support each other during our journey in life. We believe in the healing power of Acceptance, Understanding, Empathy and Support; the purpose is to help people reconnecting with their life purpose, break the chains from the past and assist them building a rich and meaningful life.

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