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The 4 Principles to Change your Life - A four workshop series

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This is a four part event, 1 ticket is valid to attend all four workshops!

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The Self-Confidence Lounge is a community of acceptance, understanding, empathy and support; this four workshop series is the first step for those fellow humans who are struggling with life and stuck in a lack of self-confidence. Most importantly, these workshops have been created for people who are open to new ways of communication, willing to break their chains, assume responsibility, stop blaming others and change their lives!

The Self-Confidence Lounge is guided by a collective of international coaches, we have put together our experiences, learnings and tools to offer top quality workshops and create a real social impact, thus building a better world.


This is a four workshop series designed for our atendees to increase their self-awareness, understand the chains that are holding them trapped in their past and create a radical change by developing their self-confidence:

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Part 1

A deeper understanding of Self-Acceptance:

Where is our suffering coming from?

How do we know what is right and what is wrong?

Why do we struggle with some of our emotions?

This is the first of four workshops and the very foundation to understand who we are and how to stop judging ourselves. We are humans and our mind unconsciously impacts us more that we could ever imagine; this workshop is a wakeup call to self-love and the first step towards change!

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Part 2

Reconnecting with your Purpose in Life:

What is important for us to be content?

What kind of person do we want to become?

This second workshop will dig deep into our unconscious and discover what is it that makes our life meaningful, thus you will identify how to make wiser choices and how to face challenging situations; you will learn what and how to guide your decisions regardless the circumstances!

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Part 3

Understanding our Emotional Needs:

What are these emotional needs?

Why is it important to satisfy these emotional areas of our life?

Being human involves not only physiological needs but we also deal with very important emotional needs which determine the quality of our life; learn about the different emotional areas, the ways in which we unconsciously try to fulfill them creating suffering as a result and bring to your awareness some healthy manners you can use to balance your life!

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Part 4

Embracing the Human Experience:

Do my thoughts and emotions represent who I am?

How can I create a better relationship with my mind?

Our mind works like a movie director, it selects a few events, filters what seems to be important and deletes many other experiences, thus creating a story in which we get caught believing it represents who we are; this is the last workshop in this series where you will learn how to unhook from thoughts and emotions, focus on what is important, discern between the present experience and when your mind is trying to trap you in the past.

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“Understanding Confidence”

What is the meaning of confidence?

Confidence has many, perhaps thousands of meanings around the world; each person has a different history of life and a very unique perspective of it, therefore each person assigns a different meaning to the word “confidence”.

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I was listening to “Jordan Peterson” talking about the hierarchy based structure nature created millions of years ago and as I was listening to his speech, I realized how as humans we are in the middle of a process of change. We change every day, we evolve as time passes by, but the change I refer to is the one where some humans are moving away from that system of hierarchy, building a balanced, peaceful, meaningful and fulfilling world where the base and guidelines of life are represented by our core values; values such as honor, respect, equality, honesty, passion, support, understanding, acceptance, commitment, efforts, freedom, teamwork and so many more, are the foundation for a mature, decisive and functional society where we can relate to each other in what I call a “well structured and functional community”. On the other side, there are millions and millions of people still living their lives based in the law of the strongest, the one that abuses and bulldozes over others. But, what is the relationship of all this with confidence?

Well, let´s start by defining what confidence is not:

Have you ever met one of those people showing off constantly and talking about how many things they have? I have the best car, the best screen, the best body, I spend many hours a day building my muscles and I know everything about everything. That’s the arrogant way in which many people compare themselves to others and try hard to convince their own minds that they are confident. Whilst there is nothing wrong about improving ourselves constantly, the issue comes when the habit of showing off becomes our source of a fake sense of confidence; a confident person doesn´t need to show off or prove anything to anyone, that person understands confidence comes from within, that person has come to accept that his self-worth comes from his values and can now live a meaningful life.

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There is one more mask we as humans wear as we navigate through the seas of survival; that is the mask of belligerence, the mask some people decide to bring in order to show strong, dominant and with no fears in life. That´s the kind of people who bulldoze and impose their ways over others, the ones that when faced to challenges use violence as a solution since probably do not know other ways. Have you ever seen someone who enjoys putting others down, someone who goes finding flaws and defects in every person they see? Their lack of values is represented by their need to look down at others, as if they were better human beings. The issue is that the mind is so wise that when adopting this habit, it automatically compares to others perceived as being more valuable, therefore leaving an empty space and a sense of inferiority, a sense of not being good enough... Belligerence is definitely a meaningless way to live.

Comparing ourselves to others is one of the many traps in life where we can get stuck, each person is unique, each person has a whole different story, “the only one we can compare ourselves to in a fairly way is our own self”.

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Confidence in its most useful representation is the result of many factors, such as accepting that fear, anger and sadness are part of life, however we do not allow them to rule our lives. “Confidence is knowing we are capable of being arrogant, act with cruelty or belligerence and still choosing not to do it because our values provide meaning to our lives”.

Confidence comes from within, form recognizing that our honesty, daily efforts, commitment and authenticity fulfill our purpose in life. Confidence is the result of looking at the mirror, aware of our principles and proud of who we are!

“Confidence is the result of that moment when you find your vision, when you know your purpose and you know every decision, every action will guide you to where you want to be, to create what is most important, to live a meaningful life”

Cesar Valdes

Self-Confidence & Emotional Intelligence Coach


Cesar Valdes:

Hello, my name is Cesar, a man of passion, acceptance, confidence and support. I am a Life Coaching practitioner certified by The Academy for Modern Applied Psychology as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner. I constantly work to specialize in Self-Confidence and Emotional Intelligence, I love helping people discover that we are all capable of doing, regardless the circumstances and that we can all become secure and confident in who we are!

I have a background in the travel industry, working in shore excursions management and other activities onboard cruise ships since 1999; this insightful experience connecting with people from all around the world and different cultures helped me understand how we are all so similar and so unique at the same time. I began my coaching profession by deciding to go through a personal process of growth and change attending psychotherapy sessions in 2014, later on I decided to study counseling in March 2020 and fully immersed myself into Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming in August 2020. My life is a constant process of learning, self-development and passion to share what I have learned and applied to my own life.

I am part of a wonderful international organization where coaches from all around the world put efforts together to help people change their lifes and create a meaningful one. I have facilitated over 100 workshops and participated in many more with topics such as self-confidence, acceptance, awareness and Neuro Linguistic Programming practices. I constantly deliver workshops for members of the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and I am member of the Support Team with the purpose of guiding new practitioners and assist them in their journeys.

Finally, I have a history of home and social violence; this history has become the very foundation in which I am building my life and provides me with the understanding, empathy and compassion to help people who want to grow and struggle with a similar past.

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Hiyo, Fellow Human!

I am Lorelei. A vibrant spark of life- time, energy, awareness, desire, effort and meaning wrapped up in an amazing human body. I honor this life. Sometimes it has gotten "unnaturally wild" outside of me to the point where the spark inside diminishes and I withdraw. I have learned the hard way that I want to live a life of vitality, dignity and responsibility.

I have done a lot of observing, self- examination, researching, tracking myself and coaching to uncover underlying patterns that were not serving me. In my hunger to optimize my own human experience, I have curated an understanding of what it means to have a quality of life- one that I want; not one that is demanded of me or imposed upon me. I have collected some powerful tools from various institutions and mentors along the way to help with grief, relationships, somatics and the mind.

I am an expert of me who wants to live a fulfilled, quality life. I can help you be an expert of you so you can live the life you want.

You can connect with me here:


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Salam! Hello! Bonjour!If I ask you how many hero's journeys have you taken, what would your answer be? One journey? Two?....How many?I bet, it is more than what you may count.Taking the hero's journey is about receiving and accepting the call to adventure and accepting to take the path from the known world to the unknown. It is about undergoing new experiences and learning how to overcome thresholds and challenges. Returning back to the known world involves insights and clarity. My name is Kenza. I am an Engineer and Ph.D., scientist, and self-awareness and resilience coach. I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, auntie, friend, and citizen. My life is all about taking different hero’s journeys. It is about learning and growing. My journeys taught me that self-awareness is the first step towards self and social management, it is the key to grow and thrive.

My passion is to help people build self-awareness and resilience to undertake their hero’s journeys, be their own heroes, grow, and flourish.

Thank you for your time reading my introduction, Chukran, Merci!

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Stanley Xavier:

Hey, I hope you are having an awesome day.

I am Stanley, a human & a student of life who enjoys doing a wide range of things. I am a mindset coach and member of Achology, a community of amazing coaches from around the world where we learn and sharpen ourselves together. My background is in the life sciences and so I am a Bio scientist & junior doctor with interests in teaching and philosophy. Over the years, I have worked in numerous industries and lived in different countries helping me amass a huge wealth of priceless experiences.

I believe our heads have to be in the right place to navigate and thrive in our ever-changing world. I have seen how things change so quickly that they rocked my internal system and destabilise my peace of mind leaving me at the mercy of external events. I ended up on a chase for that inner peace through various unhelpful means until I realised, it was all within me; and that was when I had to return to myself. The uneasiness I felt is something I observe in a lot of us today which is why I am passionate about helping people navigate their troubled waters back to calm. When we alienate ourselves from ourselves, that separation brings with it pain.

My mission is to help you pursue a better personal and professional life by guiding you to commit to action through rewiring your mind. I am drawn to doing this line of work, as I believe in the concept of sympatheia, what is good for the bee, is good for the hive and vice versa.

Looking forward to connecting

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Details about the fee:

This is a group of professional coaches who are committed to build a community where people are able to learn skills and concepts that will change their lives, therefore create a better world for all of us.

The Self-Confidence Lounge workshops involve a very low cost; we understand there are millions of people around the world who do not have access to this information due to high cost barriers; the purpose of our workshops is not to make money but to build a community of support, empathy, acceptance and understanding so we can help each other improve the quality of our lives!

Access to Life Coaching and other support services has historically involved high costs barriers, thus limiting many people who are willing to learn and improve the quality of their lives. A single Life Coaching session is worth over 100 USD, these workshops include a professional Life Coaching experience. We all go through life unconsciously trying to solve our struggles with strategies such as buying new phones, eating every time we feel anxiety, blaming others, drinking; some people fall in addictions, some others move from one relationship to another, trips to relax and get distracted from the daily stress but... has any of these strategies worked after so many years? How willing are you to try something new? How much have you already spent in futile strategies and efforts just to realize those emotional struggles are still waiting to be addressed? How much is your wellbeing worth?

We are looking forward to share our experiences, to listen and support each other providing tools to create a fulfilling life!

The Self-Confidence Longe

Lorelei, Kenza, Stanley & Cesar

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